TNT Power Tongs Ltd.

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Conventional Casing Tongs


Integral Tubular Tongs

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Computer Torque Monitoring

• Monitors and controls torque, turns and rotation speed during make-up

• Live graphing and display of torque, rotations and RPM

• Job files stored in database - (No Data Tampering possible)

• Job file easily exportable to PDF and provided at the end of the job.  

Thread Washing

• Small light-weight "TNT Box" with Varsol

• Big heavy-duty unit with soap and warm water as per pipe manufacture specifications

    • Vacuum drift and wash simultaneously

    • Environmentally friendly and cost effective


Thread Supervision

• Thread Repair

• Visual Thread Inspection

• Thread Lubricant Application

 Knowledge of Pipe Type and Specs and Running Procedure

Handling and Circulating Equipment

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